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Will Cng or Lpg really help me?Will Cng or Lpg really help me?
We present the facts. You decide if the energy efficient bi-fuel hybrid is for you.
Importance of Fuel economyImportance of Fuel economy
Conversion Calculator
Calculate your KMPL
Hybrid vehiclesWhat are Hybrid vehicles
How do hybrids work
Gasoline V/s Battery Power
VideosVideos - Hybrid vehicle race
Extreme Mileage Challenge
Alternative fuel vehiclesAlternative fuel vehicles
Flex-fuel vehicles
How fuel cells work
Fuel economy ratingsFuel economy ratings
New scenerio in India soon
Cars Energy Impact ScoreConvert or buy a Diesel?
Just The Bottomline Facts
Gas mileage tipsFuel Mileage Tips
Driving more efficiently
Lpg pump locationsLpg filling stations
Cng filling stations
State wise locations of
CNG and LPG filling stations in India
What is Cng?What is Cng?
All your CNG questions answered
including CNG conversion kit etc.
What is Lpg?What is Auto Lpg?
All your Auto LPG questions answered
including LPG conversion kit etc.
Setting up a new garageSetting up a new garage or upgrading?
Come, talk to us. Suman Enterprise can
help you setup your new auto garage with
the correct equipment for your specialization.
Vehicle repairsVehicle repairs and maintenance
Suman auto has trained staff and a well
equiped and clean garage.
SafetySafety Issues
How safe is a vehicle using CNG?
How safe is a vehicle powered by LPG?
Contact Suman autoContact Suman auto
Suman Auto is a Mumbai based government
approved alternate fuel conversion workshop